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Lokifon Wireless Devices Secure Your Mobile Data

Wireless Plans for Lokifon Prepaid Encrypted Devices

Lokifon encrypted wireless devices are intended to secure the data & digital identity inside the device itself. How do you protect the mobile data generated by the phone? Pre-paid encrypted plans including multiple layers of digital security utilizing the applications included with the Privacy Upgrade process.

Lokifon Wireless devices are on the Verizon pre-paid mobile network. Devices purchased with wireless plans include access to an encrypted virtual private network protecting all mobile data. Encrypting personal communications are a Signal Private Messenger & ProtonMail mobile applications.

Lokifon Wireless Pre-Paid Plans Include

Lokifon Wireless Device Upgrades

Pre-Paid Verizon Wireless 4G LTE

Encrypted Messenger, Email & Data

Encrypted Virtual Private Network

Remote Start Service Activation

Unlimited Domestic Talk & Text

Unlimited International Text

$70 5GB+

Pre-Paid Monthly Data

$80 15GB+

Pre-Paid Monthly Data

$90 Unlimited

Pre-Paid Monthly Data

Preview the Encrypted Privacy Upgrade Process

Shop Your Favorite Brands, Any Phone Can Be A Lokifon.

What Makes Lokifon Wireless So Special? Absolutely Nothing.

Lokifon devices are not special privacy oriented hardware or high tech spy phone. How do you achieve privacy without some special phone? Combining readily available consumer devices & layers of privacy oriented software. All devices are new, never hacked & never connected to the “Dark Web”.

Your first step to renewed personal privacy is choosing a device. The online store carries your favorite brands including Apple, Samsung, Motorola & Nokia. Select your new device with the wireless plan that most fits your specifications. An expert privacy tech will tailor the device to your specific needs.

Protecting Personal Privacy is Now A Paid Privilege

+ All Packages Are Listed as Monthly, funds are due 100% at Checkout as Packages, not a Subscription. + All Plans Use Verizon Wireless Pre-Paid Services for the Greatest 4G LTE Coverage & Reliability in the United States. + Tax & Fee Coverage Adds Extra Funds to Verizon Pre-Paid Accounts to Cover Incidental Renewal Taxes & Fees Associated. + All Plans Have Rollover Data & Possible Sign Up / Renewal Bonuses at No Extra Charge. Listed Data Amounts are Minimums. + International Use, Roaming & Data Overages can cost extra. Extra funds can be added for Plan Upgrades.