Reviews of Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices –
Reviews of Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices

Reviews of Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices

Since 2017, Lokifon has helped hundreds of privacy oriented consumers protect their identity with solutions that maximize the potential of privacy, without sacrificing convenience of 21st century communications. Privacy is important to many industries including entertainment, medicine & human resources.

Lokifon is not just a product, but a resource for how to properly secure your private information from prying eyes. It is with a tremendous amount of pride that Lokifon publishes ways to protect your identity. These reviews have been editorialized to protect the identities of the real customers they represent.

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Review from Lokifon Customer, Music Instructor & Victim of Stalking

I am a professional musician & music instructor in New York City. My small business runs on being able to promote my brand, which in this industry is my name. A former client developed an unhealthy adoration for me, that inevitably turned to stalking. My business & mental health began to suffer.

I now use two Lokifon devices : a small flip phone for my personal calls. I connect a smart phone to the hot spot when I need full access to my business. Being able to disconnect, but still be reachable was important. Lokifon allowed me to disconnect my identity from my business without missing a single note!

– Lauren H. Music Instructor & Former Stalking Victim

Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices are HIPAA Compliant

In my line of work, privacy is not just a minimum expectation, it’s a legal requirement. As a plastic surgeon for elective & non-elective cosmetic surgery, communication with my clients is important to maintaining their out-patient care. My professional opinion is that Lokifon is the best option for staying HIPAA Compliant.

To maintain maximum layers of protection, I communicate with all clients over Signal Private Messenger. Clients never have a problem installing the application when I explain how secure their discussions will be. A client being able to securely send photo updates can save unnecessary time & effort without sacrificing privacy.

– Elizabeth R. Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon

Lokifon Pre-Paid Anonymous Devices Provide Multiple Layers of Protection

Keeping one eye on the bag, the other on the throne doesn’t leave a lot of time to play childish games on my phone, and I don’t mean Angry Birds. I wish Lokifon existed back in the trap days, but blessed I never needed it then. On the come up, its hard enough to get someone to take your number.

When marks get a whiff of success, they’ll glom on all the way to the top if you let them. Sometimes blocking some coattail jockey isn’t enough & it’s time to burn the number. Being able to buy pre-paid encrypted devices in bulk, means I don’t have to worry about burning bridges. I got a closet full of new bridges to greener pastures.

– K.C. Artist, Songwriter & Entrepreneur