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Lokifon Signal Private Messenger Help

Signal Private Messenger Help

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Signal Private Messenger is an end-to-end encrypted messaging & VOIP (internet calling) application. The only truly secure private messaging available application. The following steps are part of the Lokifon Activation setup. Learn more about how using Signal Private Messenger ensures private conversations stay that way.

Signal requires activation because it requires a phone number, and devices are delivered just before having a phone number. Once activated, unlock the device & open the Signal Messenger App that should be in the home section.

  1. Open Signal Messenger App
  2. Enter or Confirm Phone Number
  3. Signal Will Send & Read an SMS
  4. Confirm Default SMS App (Android)
  5. Confirm Importing Existing Messages
  6. Decline Importing Contacts
  7. Signal Setup Complete
Signal Private Messenger is the only truly private messenger application.

The Only Truly Private Messenger

Signal messenger uses fundamental private/public key encryption, with a special twist. So that no malicious agents can ever stack a user’s encrypted (locked) messages for years, hoping to one day get the private encryption key & decrypt all past messages. Signal uses a series of encryption keys that renew with every message that is sent & received. So that no whole conversation is ever connected to the users sending & receiving the individual messages. This means that the devices being used are the only devices that contain a record of the conversations. Signal is loaded with other features to protect private conversations in text or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling service.

Signal Privacy Features

Signal Private Messenger offers every user a few perks beyond encrypted messages. Voice Over IP is possible when using a Lokifon to contact another Lokifon device. Signal allows a user to circumvent the normal antenna/carrier voice calling to any other Signal user, for free! Also, in the Signal private messenger settings is a handy tool that allows for automatic deletion of messages after having read or replied to the message. Signal also recently came out with a live video conference function, but all Lokifon cameras are blacked out, so our team haven’t tried that feature as of yet.

Signal Messenger Help & Support

“Privacy that fits in your pocket.” Open Whisper Systems has quickly become the leader in end to end crypto-communication, even extending their Signal encryption system to Facebook & WhatsApp. Lokifon offers no support for Signal beyond this page, so we encourage users to keep up with the latest updates & features from Signal Blog. Signal is a free, third party app available on iOS, Android & Desktop. So even if a Lokfion device is not being used, a user can download this service from the Google Play Store and iTunes/App Store to protect personal privacy.

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