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ProtonMail Encrypted Email Application Help

ProtonMail Email Privacy Worldwide

ProtonMail offers Encrypted Email available on all browsers, iOS & Android. Incorporated in Switzerland & all servers are located in Switzerland. This means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. End to end encryption means that even the creators can’t read your emails. Even a simple task of successfully resetting your password makes all emails will no longer be available to view. Free & easy to use anonymous e-mail services. The premium features available allow for a business of any size to operate securely, without sacrificing convenience. ProtonMail’s privacy is in the programming & requires very little effort to maintain.

  • Servers Located in Data Neutral Switzerland
  • Anonymous Email Address Protects Privacy
  • No IP or Session Data Logging, By Default
  • Open Source & Free with Premium Available
  • Easy to Use, Privacy is in the Programming
  • Modern Design & Interface for Convenience
ProtonMail Encrypted Email Application Help from Lokifon

Bringing Trust & Transparency Back In Style

Built entirely around security, so much so that even the datacenter is under 1,000 meters of solid rock. Designed by scientists, engineers, and developers from European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2013. The geniuses at ProtonMail are so confidant in the privacy of the code, that it’s all available as an open source & has over 10,000 contributors.

Unlike other free email competitors, ProtonMail does not sell ad space, or user data for any reason. Combined with Signal Messenger, this app can help maximize user privacy across all forms of digital communication. The security checks in place ensure that your data, stays private every time, so long as you trust those you’re communicating with.

ProtonMail Security Meets Modern Design

“Security Meets Modern Design” is the goal of ProtonMail to unify user experience across all platforms. The encryption used is entirely invisible to the user, meaning the experience should be completely intuitive for any experienced email user. Accounts can be created in the browser version, or directly in the mobile application of your choosing.

ProtonMail Extended Help & Support

ProtonMail is a free, third-party app with no support from Lokifon beyond this page. For that reason, Lokifon encourages all users to get the latest information & support directly from the ProtonMail team. So even if a Lokfion device is not being used, a user can download this service from the Apple App Store & the Google Play Store.

Encrypted Email Service Dedicated to Privacy

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