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Lokifon InBrowser Private Incognito Browser Help

InBrowser Incognito Browser Help

Truly Private Internet Browsing

InBrowser is a incognito/private browser for iOS and Android with video support. Each time you exit the browser, everything you’ve done in the app will be erased, including history, cookies and sessions. An incognito browser that is a feature rich browser and it’s in permanent private mode. Incognito browsing through other browsers may not remember where your search history, but also doesn’t close automatically. InBrowser is always free, with no in-app purchases. No junk, no ads, no extra bars – just maximum space for your browsing experience.

  • Absolutely No Data Saved on Application Exit
  • No Data Tracking or Traffic Monitoring
  • Convenient Tabbed Browsing Experience
  • Minimalistic Design & User Interface
  • No Junk, No Ads & No Extra Screen Content
  • Always Free with No In App Purchases

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No Ad Tracking, No Social Media Tracking

InBrowser limits access to cookies & cache, making the browser occasionally not be suited for some internet tasks. Some basic tasks like website logins, forms & payment functions cannot run without more access to the information InBrowser is blocking access to. Because InBrowser is an additional level of security, if a task cannot be performed properly, users should switch to another browser. The open browser windows in incognito mode are the only history of a user’s internet traffic. It is suggested users make it a point to wipe browsing history on the device. InBrowser combined with a Virtual Private Network ensures that all traffic is encrypted, private & temporary. Just closing the app, going to the home screen or locking a device will wipe all browsing history.

InBrowser is a third-party application developed & maintained by InBrowserApp.com. Lokifon offers no support for this application. All users are encouraged to get the latest features & updates directly from InBrowserApp.com.

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