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Lokifon Frequently Asked Questions.

Lokifon Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you have more questions! has the answers. The idea of purchasing a phone online, from a complete stranger is not an intuitive concept for most. Below you’ll find the most common questions Lokifon customers have had over the years. The time & effort put into securing the personal privacy of hundreds of customers has built quite the arsenal of information.

What is Lokifon? Some super secret device?

Lokifon is a Digital Privacy Consultancy that specializes in providing products, services & advice on how to protect personal, private information online. Every digital communication made is being analyzed, monitored & quantified. Personal information is valuable to cell phone providers, social media, apps, cable providers & everyone else along the pipeline. Lokifon attempts to minimize personal risk to online identity theft by keeping your true identity as disconnected from the internet as possible.

What Steps Are Taken to Secure Personal Privacy on a Lokifon Device?

Your personal & private information is not just under surveillance, it’s under attack & up for sale to the highest bidder. There is no such thing as 100% guaranteed privacy in an always connected world. Our experts combine consumer devices, privacy software & a process of over sixty steps to ensure a paranoid level of protection against prying eyes. These steps combined with a few of your own ensure maximum privacy & protection of your personal information. Learn more about our steps with about Lokifon Privacy Upgrades.

What is so Special About a Lokifon Device?

Absolutely nothing. Lokifon devices are regular consumer devices, using applications from the public app store. Through a series of anonymous & secure steps every device is maximized for privacy. All traffic is encrypted through an Secure Socket Layer, just like all online credit card transactions.

Are Lokifon Devices Ever Used or Refurbished?

Never! All Lokifon devices are new, except for the amount of use put into programming the device after purchase, but before delivery. Lokifon devices are delivered just before the point of activation, so users never lose service time.

Can Users Refill Their Own Device?

Yes, but you don’t have to. Lokifon customers can purchase up to six months of service at checkout. Purchasing your own service can come with inherit risks that would not affect most Lokifon customers.

What Carriers Are Available for Lokifon Devices?

The current preferred Lokifon carrier is Verizon Pre-Paid Wireless. Other carriers can be provided as needed.

Do Lokifon Devices Come With A Warranty?

Nope! All devices are sold as is. Our team ensures a working device during programming & will always confirm the connectivity after activation.

What is the Lokifon Return Policy?

No Returns. Our complete Returns Policy can be found in the Terms of Service.

Need More Assistance with a Lokifon Device?

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