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Lokifon devices are pre-programmed with access to ExpressVPN Virtual Private Network. This ensures that all data sent to & from the device is secured through a “digital private tunnel”. After setup, this page can be a great limited source on how a VPN works in tandem with a Lokifon device. For the latest features & updates, we suggest users check the ExpressVPN Website.

Lokifon devices are setup with the VPN to attempt to connect when the device powers on. When the VPN is interrupted, the app will “block” data to and from the device in an attempt to prevent private data leaking. If for any reason your phone has a signal, but get anything to load, check the VPN is connected & not blocking data leaks.

virtual private network explained

When a device connects to the internet, that device & every server along the way has a unique, registered, traceable address. A Virtual Private Network allows for all traffic to be encrypted & pass through the connected server before connecting to the rest of the internet. This allows all of your internet traffic to be untraceable & private.

Traffic sent through normal, unencrypted internet connections is open to scrutiny by malicious agents, advertisers & providers. This utility uses a very small amount of data while connected, but can quickly drain a device battery. Budget friendly Lokifon devices may require a charger on hand at all times.

Protect Your ExpressVPN Connection

Individual Lokifon users are not provided credentials for ExpressVPN. So long as the application isn’t uninstalled from the device, the application should never need new credentials. In the event the pre-connected Lokifon credentials are disconnected, our team has no way to provide new login information. It is suggested disenfranchised users connect for the remainder of their time via the Free 30 Day Trial or purchase an account to login with. Purchasing an ExpressVPN Account is simple & safe to use with any Lokifon device.

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