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Lokifon Device Use Help, Tips & Tricks

Now that a Lokifon device is securely activated, it’s time to learn how to securely use the device. This page is an up-to-date guide to keeping personal information private with a Lokifon device. Even experienced Lokifon users should check this page periodically for the latest tips & tricks to protecting personal privacy.

The Lokifon Device Use Help page is designed to keep private data safe. Small tasks like never connecting to wifi, social media or using a Lokifon device near a Smart TV might sound paranoid, because they are! Securing a Lokifon device is pointless if not handled properly during use. Ensure maximum security & privacy with this list.

1. Lokifon is A Shield, Don’t drop it!

Lokifon devices and the paranoid programming put into them are not meant to be a challenge. The intended user should not be disabling security features or changing settings that could compromise private information. A Lokifon device is not completely untraceable, unfindable or secure. Effort on behalf of the end user holds up the thin veil of privacy protecting their personal data.

2. Never use an old device or account

Lokifon devices are always new, never used, refurbished, jail-broken, rooted or hacked. Expired Lokifon devices & accounts are never supposed to be used again or recovered. Lokifon will never connect one account to multiple devices or old devices to multiple accounts, and neither should any users. Recover any information needed before device retirement.

3. Always connect to the Virtual Private Network

ExpressVPN keeps a “private tunnel” between a device & the internet to keep data secure behind multiple layers of encryption. ExpressVPN has many features to ensure the device doesn’t connect without the VPN protection. Learn more & get assistance with what Lokifon considers the best Virtual Private Network available, ExpressVPN.

Whenever the device is being used, ensure the device is connected to the Virtual Private Network. The VPN will be using up small amounts of data & battery life. With some devices, an always on VPN can drain a full battery in just a few hours. Budget friendly Lokifon devices may require a charger on hand at all times.

Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices Utilize ExpressVPN

Stay Connected Securely & Privately with ExpressVPN

4. Use Lokifon devices sparingly

Always operate under the assumption the device has already been compromised. The key is to never connect the device to a true identity. Using the device as sparingly as possible & as few of it’s functions as needed, is one way to achieve this. Additionally, ensuring common contacts are using a secured Lokifon device maximizes private communication.

5. Never connect to unsecured devices

When connected to Wi-Fi, devices gain a normal IP Address, as well as both devices retaining information about each other. Connecting to unsecured devices can compromise personal privacy. Building better, privacy oriented habits can prevent this from happening. This includes never connecting to BlueTooth devices & only charging the device via a wall outlet.

Avoid other devices while using a Lokifon device

6. Avoid other devices while using a Lokifon device

No matter how secure a Lokifon device is, it can’t protect against surroundings. Private conversations sent over a secure connection aren’t truly private with another device within listening distance. Avoid speaking on a Lokifon device in the same room as other devices such as personal phones, laptops or voice activated electronics.

Universities, government entities & corporations all use various hardware to monitor electronic devices within their reach. Some instances of having the unique meta-data of wireless device catalogued by bad-faith actors & government over reach is unavoidable.

7. Photos Pierce the Veil of Privacy

Photos of girlfriends, bedrooms, or custom paint jobs on vehicles are not ideal to privacy on a Lokifon device. These seemingly harmless photos are just one piece of the puzzle needed to reveal the true identity of a device’s user. Lokifon devices rely upon the user’s level of comfort when balancing twenty-first century convenience & the priceless value of personal privacy.

8. Cover device Cameras when Not In Use

Malware & Government surveillance programs can access cameras & microphones without user knowledge or consent. One of the first steps in securing a Lokifon device is taping off all cameras. This ensures that Lokifon experts & customers alike are not constantly being photographed or video recorded. Simply placing tape over a camera is a low-tech solution to a high tech problem.

Lokifon Device Use Help, Tips & Tricks for Private, Secure Use

9. Remove EXIF Data from Photos

When taking or sending a photo, cameras, phones, tablets, encode meta-data about the user & device into the image. The EXIF data can never contain more data than the device has access to. This means that although the photos should never have location information, they may contain the date & time of the photo.

There are many EXIF Erasing apps on marketplaces. The easiest way to wipe EXIF data is to take a photo, then screenshot the photo. This will create a compressed copy, without the EXIF meta data of the original photograph. After deleting the original, the compressed copy can be shared without infringing on personal privacy.

10. If it’s not necessary, delete it

Keeping a Lokifon device consistently cleared of unnecessary information is a great practice. Contacts, apps, messages, emails & unecessary media data should be deleted at a regular basis. This keeps the information available to malicious actors to a minimum. Additionally, Lokifon devices are not chosen for their hardware performance, but privacy.

11. Avoid Booting to “Safe Mode”

Booting a device into “Safe Mode” can disable many of the safety features protecting the identity of a user. Safe Mode will make the layout of a device different & should be easily identifiable. Safe Mode should only be used sparingly & specifically when required. Restarting the device again will put it back into the normal, secure status for private use as intended.

12. Thoroughly & Properly Retire Lokifon Devices

Lokifon devices are intended to expire & be replaced periodically. Following the proper steps to retiring (destroying) a device is a crucial step to protecting a user’s identity. Make sure to follow the steps listed on the “Lokifon Device Retirement Help” page to ensure a proper “retirement” of both the software & hardware.

Assuming that all devices are compromised, it’s only a matter of time before any Lokifon device is no longer secure. Learn how to send a Lokifon device to it’s final resting place on the Lokifon Device Retirement Help page. This is another page that even experienced Lokifon users should check periodically for the latest on retiring Lokifon devices.

Lokifon Device Use Help, Tips & Tricks for Private, Secure Use

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