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Lokifon Device Retirement Help

Lokifon Device Retirement Help

Assuming that all devices are compromised, it’s only a matter of time before any Lokifon device is no longer secure. This is why Lokifon devices are planned with inevitable retirement. This is another page that even experienced Lokifon users should check periodically for the latest on retiring Lokifon devices.

Every Lokifon device is a little different. Consult the user manual delivered with the device for any additional information. Before moving forward with a Lokifon device retirement, ensure all necessary data has already been retrieved from the device. Additionally, securing another Lokifon device before retiring one is always a smart move.

Don’t Forget to Purchase A New Lokifon Device

Wipe Device Data & Destroy the SIM Card

Retirement of a Lokifon device is simple. The first step is manually deleting as much data as possible from the device. Including contacts, photos, applications & signing out for the device. Every device comes with a “Reset Factory Settings” built into the options.

Remove the SIM Card from the soon to be retired device. Removing the metal RFID Chip from the plastic casing then folding or tearing any of the metal pieces is an effective way to destroy the SIM Card. The device is now ready for professional e-waste recycling.

Find A Local E-Waste Recycler

Lokifon only condones the ethical & legal retirement destruction of any electronic devices. Don’t take up more space in a landfill. Electronics are made from precious & finite heavy metals, toxic to the environment & wildlife. This makes it’s not just a vital technological material, but a profitable item for consumers to sell for recycling.

Searching for a local recycler is easy! Since 1991, Earth911 has helped find recycling guides and locations. Plus, guidance for eco-friendly living, sustainable purchasing choices, and making changes to protect our planet. With over 350 materials and 100,000+ listings, simply enter in the material to recycle along with a zip code and click search.

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