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Remote Activate A Lokifon Wireless Device

Lokifon Device Activation Help & Support

Need help with a Lokifon device? All Lokifon devices are delivered at the step just before full activation. Lokifon experts go through the motions of discreetly acquiring, programming & securing the devices for use. When an order is placed, devices are shipped to their necessary destination & ready for complete activation.

Experienced Lokifon users, make sure all needed information has been retrieved from old devices. Listed below are best practices before requesting device activation. Want to skip directly to activation? Head straight to the Lokifon Activation page. Be sure to read the Secure Device Use page to brush up on the latest privacy techniques.

1. Open Device Packaging & Secure Contents

Devices should remain sealed in their packaging until needed for activation. Lokifon devices are delivered with the ordered device, necessary accessories, chargers & available credentials for the device. Given the current state of mass surveillance & advanced “Zero Year” hacks, Lokifon operates under the assumption everything is already compromised.

2. Memorize & Destroy Included Credentials

These credentials are a security hole & should be memorized, then papers destroyed. Duplicate credentials do not exist & cannot be made available. Device information, credentials & other information is never stored online. Lokifon retains only enough information to remote activate a device upon request.

Lokifons are delivered with account & device credentials.

3. Submit Lokifon Device Activation Request

Once a device is needed for communication, an activation request can be submitted via the Lokifon Activation page. A Lokifon support professional will remotely activate the Lokifon device to the specifications ordered at checkout. Activation is done manually & will be completed within 24-48 hours, often much earlier.

To ensure activation, one of our experts will contact the newly activated device to deliver any information needed. Such as: the device phone number, account security code (created at activation) or to answer any questions about the new device. Let the support tech understand desired expectations of use to offer further recommendations.

Remote activate a Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Device

Easily Remote Activate A New Lokifon Wireless Device

4. Connect Virtual Private Network

Lokifon devices are pre-programmed with access to our premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) as part of the Privacy Upgrade Process. This ensures that all data sent to & from the device is secured through a “virtual private tunnel”. ExpressVPN is a top-tier Virtual Private Network that allows all Lokifon users to protect user privacy with layers of personal security.

There are many reasons ExpressVPN was chosen over all other VPN on the market. After setup, users can learn more about protecting privacy with Express VPN & how it helps secure private data online. Lokifon devices are programmed to automatically open the VPN app when unlocked & will prevent data leaks if disconnected unexpectedly.

Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices Utilize ExpressVPN

Stay Connected Securely & Privately with ExpressVPN

5. Setup Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is the one truly encrypted private messenger available. Open source, peer reviewed & funded entirely by grants and donations. Signal has no incentive to sell personal data & designed to not let them even if they wanted. Signal is full of privacy features that help guarantee private conversations stay that way.

After setup, read the more complete guide Signal Private Messenger Help for tips & tricks to maximize privacy. Once activated, unlock device & open the Signal Messenger App that should already be in the home section of the device for convenience. For Android users, Signal Private Messenger can be made the default SMS Application.

Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices Utilize Signal Private Messenger

Get Help with the Only Truly Private Messenger

6. ProtonMail Encrypted E-Mail

As an additional alternative to the default e-mail application on any new Lokifon device, is a pre-installed ProtonMail Application. ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted e-mail service from the global capitol of protecting personal privacy, Switzerland. ProtonMail offers the same free, convenient e-mail services users enjoy, without violating personal privacy.

ProtonMail requires no personal information to setup a new encrypted e-mail. So privacy focused, that even using the “reset my password” option will make all past conversations unreadable from that ProtonMail account, so be careful. For security purposes, the Lokifon team does not setup the free ProtonMail e-mail address on a user’s behalf.

Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices Utilize Protonmail Encrypted E-Mail

Securely Encrypted Email Based in Switzerland

7. Read Lokifon Device Use Help

Now that the device is securely activated, it’s time to learn how to securely use the device. The next help section, Lokifon Device Use Help is an up-to-date guide to keeping personal information private with a Lokifon. Even experienced users should check this page periodically for the latest tips & tricks to maximizing privacy.

The Lokifon Use Help page is designed to keep private data safe. Small tasks like never connecting to WiFi, social media or using a Lokifon near a Smart TV might sound paranoid, because they are! Securing a Lokifon is pointless if not handled properly during use. Ensure maximum security & how not to pierce the thin veil of privacy.

Get online help with Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Devices

Personal Privacy Relies Upon Good Habits & Practices