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Lokifon Help & Best Practices

Need help with your Lokifon device? Modern communication infrastructure is built with surveillance as the primary objective. Lokifon devices are designed with privacy first & convenience is a very far secondary objective. Every feature, application, connected device, middle man & exchange is an unavoidable opportunity to malicious agents & software to take advantage of vulnerabilities. This is why all Lokifon devices are stripped to the very bare necessities, then loaded with most secure & private applications available.

Lokifon devices are subject to a through Privacy Upgrade process. Designed to make any device “not my phone”, and can feel that way when accidentally locked out or are simply unfamiliar with the device. Part of the paranoid process of securing a Lokifon device is destroying all records connecting purchasers & individual devices. For this reason our ability to provide live support is very limited. will always contain the latest information & support for using a Lokifon device.

Below users can find access to resources with Lokifon devices. These pages are not just a guide to using a device, but allows users to make an informed decision about protecting personal privacy. These guides can be used to make any device more secure for the end user. Lokifon encourages all users to keep informed about the latest best practices with Lokifon devices, from activation to retirement. Lokifon utilizes third-party applications developed by talented teams of developers. All users are encouraged to seek the latest information & support for those applications directly from the source.

Security Notice

Lokifon will NEVER ask for any information other than a device username for activation. For this reason our team will never retain, divulge, share or request information or credentials for a device. This makes this Lokifon Help & Support page the best source for help with a Lokifon device.

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