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Securely contact Lokifon Privacy Consulting with your privacy needs. Have questions about a specific product or service? Lokifon privacy tech experts are ready to answer your questions & quell any concerns about your personal privacy.

If within your comfort level, feel free to include a phone number. Lokifon doesn’t just sell encrypted anonymous devices, our team uses them. Customers should take comfort in their purchases, without sacrificing security just to get more information.

Do your privacy concerns extend to contacting Lokifon? No problem! ProtonMail is the end to end encrypted e-mail service of choice for all privacy focused consumers. Create a free or premium ProtonMail account to communicate with Lokifon.

Just enter your name, email address & subject along with your message. A member of the Lokifon team will be in contact shortly to discuss your questions or setup further communications as needed. Please allow 1-2 business days for correspondence.

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Since 2017 internet users have relied upon Lokifon as a valuable resource for staying up to date on the latest in personal privacy protection. Making these privacy tools more readily available means social media & advertising are a necessary evil.

Lokifon social media accounts are for marketing, advertising & informational purposes. Any comments, messages or communications on social media should not contain personal or private information you would not want available to prying eyes.

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