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Burner Purchased Online. How Can It Be More Secure?

Lokifon Burner Phones Are More Secure

The idea of buying a “burner” phone, beyond it’s convenience is it’s ability to provide a duplicitous digital identity. An every day use, contract device is just one guessed high school mascot away from being a risk to your identity should you lose it. Additionally, having your personal data monitored, quantified & sold by providers is not only commonplace, but the foundation of any free internet service. Given the current privacy conditions, the most secure & anonymous burner phones available are from Lokifon, regardless of how you buy them. This post will explain the pros, cons & the overall process to securing a Lokifon device.

Step 1 : The Initial Burner Purchase

The process of maximizing the potential anonymity of a device begins with where & how it the device is purchased. Take a standard, no contract, subsidy locked Verizon Wireless pre-paid phone. This device has unique identifiers for the device (IMEI) as well as the unique SIM card contained inside, that are all “pre-activated” when purchased.

The form of purchase, and all of it’s meta-data is also included during this transaction. That’s why Lokifon devices are always purchased as anonymously as possible. No credit cards & no identification required. Only the date, time & amount of cash spent are available as meta data connected to the purchase.

Step 2 : The Lokifon Burner Process

A regular burner device comes absolutely loaded with applications unnecessary for communication. Social media apps, account sync settings, location services & a general lack of privacy applications are all troublesome. These issues are trivial for “techy” or computer literate users, but most users are unaware that these are even issues.

Over a few hours of account creation, privacy applications, access limitations & encryption, a standard burner phone is now a Lokifon. A meticulously optimized list of steps ensures maximized privacy & security for the end user. At this point, the burner is ready for ordering, delivery & subsequent activation for every day use.

Step 3 : The Lokifon Purchase

Now to the part that makes the least amount of sense, purchasing a burner phone online. We get it, it’s weird. When you think internet purchase, you don’t think anonymous. Let’s get started with the two most anonymous ways to purchase anything: BitCoins & Gift Cards.

BitCoins: If you gotta ask what they are, don’t bother trying to get them. We’ve previously outlined how Gift Cards make great alternatives to person debit/credit cards when making transactions, to protect your personal & private information. Both of these options are great for limiting the amount of information, even when shopping on Lokifon.com.

Lokifon.com limits the amount of information stored in our databases, by restricting account creation. All Lokifon.com online transactions are only stored for a limited amount of time, before being transferred to paper records. This ensures that Lokifon.com is never a “honey pot” of information about our users.

Step 4 : The Lokifon Delivery

All Lokifon orders are delivered via United States Postal Service, based upon the information we receive about who to ship to & where to ship. However, the orders never contain information about the transaction that lead to the delivery. A user’s real name may be on the parcel, but it will never be in the phone packaging

These steps of purchasing, securing & delivering the device means that all roads lead to Lokifon, should any malicious agents steal your private information, or providers trying to sell your personal browsing habits. The most anyone will get is a Lokifon anonymous account connected to this business.

This ensures that your personal & private information is never available to any malicious agents or service providers. This scrambled, encrypted mess of data will be useless to anyone trying to buy or sell your browsing data, phone history or other personal, private information.

Step 5 : The Lokifon Activation

We don’t just sell secured, anonymous devices – we use them. All Lokifon devices are delivered with the only existing copy of credentials for the device, including the device username. This unique username can be submitted for a Device Activation Request via Lokifon.com.

Our team will use a private & secure connection to remotely activate the device on your behalf, instead of over Wi-Fi. This ensures that at every point from our initial purchase, to being activated, the end user’s identity is always protected.

Finally : The Disconnected Dots

Short of digital abstinence, the “dots” will never be eliminated from the equation of buying & selling personal data, the best you can hope for is a way to never connect the dots. That best, is Lokifon. Lokifon makes it so the dots are scattered, hidden & never fully connected to a single, identifiable person.

The goal of Lokifon burner phones is to maximize anonymity of individuals through the coordinated, calculated combination of readily available hardware & software intended for the masses. This allows for all Lokifon users to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Lokifon is a business  aimed at maximizing security & privacy on the internet, one user at a time. Advocates for personal privacy, encryption, net neutrality & users.

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Lokifon is a business aimed at maximizing security & privacy on the internet, one user at a time. Advocates for personal privacy, encryption, net neutrality & users. Visit the lokifon.com/news to get the latest news, tips & tricks about protecting personal & private information on the internet.