Activate A Pre-Paid, Encrypted, Anonymous, Lokifon Device –
Remote Activate A Lokifon Wireless Device

Easily Remote Activate A New Lokifon Wireless Device

All Lokifon devices have an associated, unique username for use during activation. This username is clearly labeled & printed within your device packaging. Enter this username in the area provided & submit your device for activation. Memorize the credentials on the included paperwork, then destroy the paperwork.

A Privacy Tech Expert will remote activate your device to specifications within 24 hours. Once your device has been submitted for activation, it’s time to familiarize yourself with your new Lokifon. Lokifon products include the original hardware from the device manufacturer for ease of use & practicality.

Security Notice Contains No Passwords, Communications or Any Other Compromising Information. This Website Does Not Allow Users to Create Accounts & Never Contains Individual Device Credentials.

All Lokifon devices shipped with a list of credentials & information to activate.

    Lokifon Wireless Device Activation Form