Lokifon Pre-Paid, Encrypted, Anonymous, Devices #LetFreedomRing

Lokifon Pre-Paid, Encrypted, Anonymous, Devices #LetFreedomRing Privacy Focused Lokifon Experts Secure Your Data Review from Lokifon Customer, Music Instructor & Victim of Stalking

Personal Privacy is Under Attack, Defend Yourself With Lokifon.

Go Beyond a Burner with a Lokifon Pre-Paid Encrypted Anonymous Device. Dedicated to life, liberty & the pursuit of an explicit right to personal privacy. Privacy is not a destination, but an ever changing battlefield that offers very little shelter & no weapons to fight for your right to own your digital data.

Absolute privacy is not guaranteed & should never be expected. You have to operate in a way that assumes you’ve already been compromised. Disconnecting your true identity is just the first step of many. A process of over 60 steps to ensure a paranoid level of protection against prying eyes.

Preview the Encrypted Privacy Upgrade Process

Shop Your Favorite Brands, Any Phone Can Be A Lokifon.

What Makes a Lokifon Device So Special? Absolutely Nothing.

Lokifon devices are not special privacy oriented hardware or high tech spy phone. How do you achieve privacy without some special phone? Combining readily available consumer devices & layers of privacy oriented software. All devices are new, never hacked & never connected to the β€œDark Web”.

Your first step to renewed personal privacy is choosing a wireless device. The online store carries your favorite brands including Apple, Samsung, Motorola & Nokia. Select your new device with the wireless plan that most fits your needs. An expert privacy tech will tailor the device to your needs.

Protecting Personal Privacy is Now A Paid Privilege

Privacy Focused Lokifon Experts Secure Your Data

Lokifon Privacy Upgrade Process

A regular burner device comes absolutely loaded with applications unnecessary for communication. Social media apps, account sync settings, location services & a general lack of privacy applications are all troublesome. These issues are trivial for “techy” or computer literate users, but most users are unaware that these are even issues.

Over a few hours of account creation, privacy applications, access limitations & encryption, a standard burner phone is now a Lokifon. A meticulously optimized list of steps ensures maximized privacy & security for the end user. At this point, the burner is ready for ordering, delivery & subsequent activation for every day use.

These steps of purchasing, securing & delivering the device means that all roads lead to Lokifon, should any malicious agents steal your private information, or providers trying to sell your personal browsing habits.

This scrambled, encrypted mess of “personal” data will be useless to anyone trying to buy or sell your browsing data, phone history or other personal, private information.

#01 Cash Purchase the Device

#08 Create New Digital Identity

#18 Install & Setup ExpressVPN

#19 Update Base Operating System

#33 Signal Private Messenger

#39 ProtonMail Encrypted Email

#41 Delete Unnecessary Apps

#45 Setup PIN Device Entry

#55 Device Is Ready for Service

#60 Remote Activate Device Service

Preview the Encrypted Privacy Upgrade Process

Data Leaks & Identity Theft Can Be Devastating Experiences

Having Nothing to Hide Does Not Mean Having Nothing to Lose

Your personal & private information is not just under surveillance, it’s under attack & up for sale to the highest bidder. Big Data Corporations & Governments are not the only ones who want to get into your devices. Identity theft is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, that is growing exponentially.

Since 2017, Lokifon has helped hundreds of privacy oriented consumers protect their identity with solutions that maximize the potential of privacy, without sacrificing convenience of 21st century communications. Privacy is important to many industries including entertainment, medicine & human resources.

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